Delectable Discoveries :: Chef Paul Liebrandt

by Kamitha Sloan

The “Thelonious Monk” of French classical cuisine, Chef Paul Liebrandt’s keys of palette are in his epicurean practice and golden hands of acoustical effusion. 

Home and owner of the culinary maestro, the Corton restaurant is the billet-doux to New York’s Tribeca dining locale. The Corton features an extensive wine list from the namesake’s French region and a six to eight course tasting menu. The intimacy of the atmosphere communicates a welcoming invitation that envelops the beauty of the whispering vines that stride the walls; opted for emotions, carrying you amidst among the cultural crossroads of aromas that waft through the 65 seated soothing space. 

Although modest speaking about his craft, Chef Paul’s ensorcelled chef d’oeuvre’s, are those of a culinary sensualist with sharps and flats of color and textures. Chef Paul states, “Each dish takes on its unique character. It’s an evolving composition inspired by different cultures, my travels abroad, the mood of the season, unique ingredients and spices that can be found in our local markets and my love of art. With respect to the food, I let the hearth of the plate take on its own shape and speak for itself. I am simply, the conductor.”

Since the inception of the Corton in 2008, each dining experience is as memorable as the next. The Corton was nominated as Best New Restaurant in the United States by the James Beard Foundation in the same year. Chef Paul Liebrandt prides himself on providing a higher echelon of hospitality to his guests. Aside from being honored with several accolades for his distinctive flair, the best honors have been from the clientele who delight themselves with his savoir fare.

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