by Kamitha Sloan

Gandia-Blasco continues to redefine and reshape the way we communicate through the furnishings of our lives. Casa Na Xemena which resides in the north-western part of the island of Ibiza is the second residence and crest of the methodology for internationally acclaimed furniture brand, Gandía-Blasco. Ibiza's glorious splendour is considered to be one of the most untainted ecological environments on the European map to date.

The aquiline of Ibiza's beaches and undulation of waters are the perfect antithesis, that meet with the subdued tones and angles of the product line propped against the background image that is the framework behind the company's global success. Inspired by Mediterranean coastal cultures and Greco-Roman architecture, President, José Antonio Gandía-Blasco's art direction is the incongruous fusion of sublimity and minimalism. The 'Na Xemena' collections, which are the pioneer of the label, are the imputation for meeting spaces, meticulously designed to arouse and allure by bringing an outside space into an intimate setting and openness into a free flowing internal.

Between the architectural designations of Ramón Esteve, and the implementation of light and landscape, the sequence of spaces within the house oscillate with the respect to the property's fragility and natural sentiment. A confluence amidst sea and land, dusk and brilliance, Casa Na Xemena unveils a stillness of personal convictions without barriers or time.

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