by Kamitha Sloan

Prancing out of urban shadows to the pavement of the concrete jungle she appears
Sashaying to the purr of the city’s beat
Taking on the world in cougar chic
Lurking down the avenue with hungry Eurasian eyes
A woman’s tempestuous thirst for life
Graceful in stride, she captures the heart of onlookers passing by
The frisky huntress who swiftly moves with antiquated mystery and Samurai charm
In hues of blacks, charcoals and checkered bravade
A femme fashion fatale – A Marlene Dietrich, Annie Hall vamp
A cosmopolitan starlet from the streets of New York to Scandinavia
In poetic bounty of mid-hemlines with underlying sheer voile and asymmetrical Tokyo lines
With agile gestures of ruffles conquering touch
She’s beauty, courageous, a global predator in leather paws and sleek coat
Soulfully creeping from night until dawn in mannish brogue
Between the darkness of asphalt alleys and the neon lights she’ll roam 
In the eloquent markings of Ivan Grundahl


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