Issey Miyake :: Conceptual Geometrics

by Kamitha Sloan

Issey Miyake’s anatomy of origami is equivalent to the precision of the rhythms of simplicity and complexity. The applied axioms are organic in configuration; albeit the whimsical angled and curvilinear forms intensify by alternating folds through single long tapes of varying widths. The expressionism lends itself to interchangeable and interlocking transitional patterns that evolve through a repetitious crescendo of design.

Their musical tantra for Autumn/Winter 2011 was inspired through two of Escher’s quintessential works; Waterfall and Verbum.  Miyake’s prints breathe with linear timing, an escapade of gradual and harmonious innovational metamorphosis that contribute to a dance of Hound’s Tooth, Tulip and Herringbone marinated in an ubiquitous mix of instrumental inquisitiveness.

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