by Sibrena Stowe de Fernandez

On every channel you turn to, every newsstand you walk by, the cover story and headlines have been all about Jennifer Lopez’s comeback. Since getting married, having twins, & commuting between two coasts, Lopez has managed to return to the top with vigor and off to quite a start!
It’s been a challenge to win a few moments with JLo, as the 24 hours in a day cannot accommodate the demand for her time. I placed a few calls to the Medina Company and each time I called to discuss JLo, the phones were ringing off the hook, polluting my conversation with Jennifer’s assistant. But I was determined and let’s just say persistence paid off!

JLo has returned to her throne, as a judge on “American Idol Season 10”, alongside veteran -judge Randy Jackson and rocker Steven Tyler. By week three, viewers and fans watched religiously to see what JLo would say, wear, what chic coif she’d rock or if she’d been touched by a performer to the point of tears. We watched with curiosity and the questions seemed never ending. Lopez said, “I’m looking for the next Michael Jackson.” The incessant timelines on social media pages, like Twitter and Facebook, are flooded during each episode with comments and kudos dedicated to Jennifer Lopez, mostly positive.

As a queen reigning over her royal subjects, JLo walked right through the doors. La Reina, Jennifer Lopez has carefully guided her brand, the “empire” which we’ll call the firm, and has managed to navigate her massive collection of businesses. Every day, she juggles the roles of actress, TV & film producer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, fashion designer, perfumer, wife and mom. Of work ethics, JLo says, “It’s a shame to call somebody a diva simply because they work harder than somebody else.”

Fast forward to her majesty’s film career, the most memorable would probably be her role as Selena in the incredibly successful, biopic of the slain tejano superstar. Lopez would follow up with box-office hits like, “Anaconda”, “Out of Sight” opposite George Clooney, “The Wedding Planner” with Matthew McConaughey – a romantic comedy which opened at no#1, “Maid in Manhattan” starring Ralph Fiennes and “Monster-In-Law” with Jane Fonda. Jennifer Lopez is the first Latina in history to earn over $1 million dollars for a film role. Her production company, Nuyorican, in partnership with 20th Century Fox, & is the company that produced the hit movie, “El Cantante” which starred Lopez and husband Marc Anthony. Jennifer not only produced the film, but also played “Pucci”, the wife of Hector Lavoe.

I’d say her management firm, “The Medina Company,” knows exactly what their star Jennifer Lopez, means to the world and what perfect timing. JLo and Medina announced the May 2011 release of her new album “Love?” on a new record label, Island/Def Jam and the release with the video to the single, “On the Floor,” a collaboration with fellow Latino rapper, Pitbull. Since her debut studio album in 1999, “On the 6”, JLo has sold over 50 million records, including her first all Spanish-language album, “Como Alma una Mujer”, produced by Marc Anthony and Emilio Estefan. Jennifer has been nominated for both Grammy’s and Latin Grammy’s, ensuring her top position in Hollywood society with the entertainment monopoly of entrepreneurship. Charitable mentions weren’t enough for Lopez who, along with her sister Lynda, founded the Maribel Foundation whose mission is improving the health of women and children raising the level of medical care available to them. One of their projects underway is with Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles on telemedicine, bringing top notch doctors to under privileged areas, including a hospital opened in Jennifer’s ancestral home of Puerto Rico. In addition to her legacy and contrary to the chatter of divadom, JLo shows her compassionate persona for a worthy cause.

With her hands, the queen touches every vein of entertainment and made her mark in the fashion world with her shoe line, now-defunct and her new Just Sweet line. Lopez marketed and packaged a best selling line of fragrance like Love & Romance, bringing back old Hollywood glamour and reinforcing her deservedness of the ACE Icon Award in 2006, which she received in praise of her contribution to fashion. But of all her accomplishments, Lopez is most proud of twins Emme Maribel and Maximilian David. Born in 2008, they are her no#1 supporters and priority. After myriad personal challenges, Jennifer Lopez has risen to the top and her fans and critics await more greatness. When asked about her past relationships, Jennifer says, “I’m not mad if people call me the modern day Liz Taylor. We have all had the love of our lives and failed love affairs. I’m just the biggest’s really sad. I tell people that, but nobody listens. They’re too busy writing about the thread count they think I demand.”  She’s scheduled to be the voice of “Shira”, a saber-toothed tiger who falls for “Diego”, in “Ice Age: Continental Drift.” Denis Leary was also cast alongside rapper, Drake, New Jersey-native and actress/rapper Queen Latifah and Nickelodeon’s Keke Palmer.

This second coming is always sweeter than the first because of all that a woman could ask for, Jennifer Lopez seems to have it all!

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